A photo of Aisling Scally, the business owner of Love Letter Arts,  in her workroom

My Story

I'm Aisling and I make personalised frames, totes, ​enamel mugs and seasonal craft kits by the sea in Dublin, Ireland.

I work from home when my 4 kids are at school/bed/playdates/parties and I'm lucky enough to absolutely love what I do :)

I always loved to design & create.  When I started raising a family I took ​comfort in 'making' again and I took the plunge and started Love Letter Arts.

Hit the button below to view all my collections, where you'll see my totes, mugs and papercut art frames.

​Or have a look around at my ​personalised Scrabble frames and just get in touch if you'd like to order anything ​or have any queries.

All my Collections
  • My Assistant

    When your workroom is off the kitchen you often get visitors!

  • My workroom

    One of the rare days my workroom is semi-tidy.

  • My desk

    It's usually covered with scrabble tiles, paper cuttings and glue.